Langley's Lake

At just under 3 acres in size Langley's Specimen lake is the largest lake on the complex. Stocked only for the carp angler in mind there are several fish that hit 30lb+ mark at the right time of the year, backed up by a good number of carp that go over 20lb. There are 9 swims all nicely placed allowing each swim its own body of water and minimising intrusion from others. We only allow 8 anglers on at one time so the lake does not become to over crowded. The average depth is around 4.5 – 5ft and there are plenty of features to fish to including, Islands, Reed beds, Margins, hard spots, holes, shelves and bars.  Although not massive in size do not underestimate this little water as these fish have seen it all, however get your tactics right and a great session can be had.


There are additional rules when fishing this lake.


  • 3-Rod maximum on this lake
  • 42 inch nets minimum, large padded landing mat (per person no sharing)
  • Bivvies only no tents
  • No sacking fish allowed
  • Carp care kit must be use on this lake
  • No under 16's are allowed on this lake as guests or anglers 
  • Rig tubing to be used (12" minimum)
  • Bait boats are permitted on Langley's Lake
  • Shop brought particle only 3kg limit per person (this ensures particles are prepared properly)


Please Note:

For the safety and well-being of the fish, all anglers are required to have a carp care kit and water bucket when fishing Langley's Lake and it is most important that all anglers read and follow the rules accordingly.


Toilets are located next to the Carpers Den tackle shop.  


Thank you


Staff @ The Willows Angling Centre