• EA rod license is required,  2 Rods maximum on Pan Lake, Farm Lake & Stream. 3 rods maximum on Langley's (Specimen Lake)
  • Nets, slings and unhooking mats must be bone dry upon arrival
  • Barbless hooks only
  • No leadcore / leaders of any kind to be used on any waters (safety rigs only)
  • No Braided Mainline
  • No nuts are allowed on any waters 
  • No unattended rods
  • Fishing from designated swims only (no stalking)
  • No under 16's are allowed to night fish without an adult present
  • Landing mats are required on all waters (excludes matches on the stream)
  • Fish are to be returned as quickly as possible and NOT transfered between waters
  • No wire traces or live baiting
  • No wading or swimming in any waters
  • No loud radio's, music or tv's
  • No fires (barbeques allowed but must be off the ground)
  • Rig checks will be carried out by our bailiffs
  • Any person found to be breaking the news will be asked to leave and could possibly be banned
  • All rubbish must be put in the bins provided or taken home
  • Please use the toilets located next to the tackle shop
  • Dogs are permitted however all mess must be taken home and they are to remain on leads at all times

 (Additional Rules Apply)

  • 42 inch Nets Minimum, large padded landing mat (per person no sharing)
  • Bivvies only no tents
  • No sacking fish allowed
  • Carp care kit must be use on this lake
  • No under 16's are allowed to fish this lake
  • Rig tubing to be used (12" minimum)
  • Bait boats are permitted on Langley's Lake
  • Shop brought particle only 3kg limit per person (this ensures particles are prepared properly)


 Polite Notice

Please treat the surroundings and other anglers with respect. No drunken behaviour, loud music. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. If any of the above rules are broken it is down to the bailiffs discretion on how he/she deals with it. If you are asked to leave the complex no refunds will be given. Any subject not covered by these rules is at the discretion of the management. If you have any problems or are uncertain of any rules, please make sure you are safe and CHECK with a bailiff.

The Management accepts no responsibility for injury, death, loss , damage or theft to persons, vehicles or equipment whilst on the complex and reserve the right to close all or parts of the said complex at any time.